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Tree's courses are designed to be immersive, fun and challenging. I'm not gonna lie... we go deep. If you're not interested in exploring the depths of your self, your emotions, fears and deepest desires, you may want to look into other courses. No offense, but my courses are not for you if you're not into self-reflection. A quick Google search will help you find other courses that will get you better results with the type of learning you desire. 


My courses are designed for the deep feeler, the sensitive soul searcher with the unquenching thirst for truth, knowledge and self-realization. 

For those who feel:

  • Anxious or unsettled around other people, like you're not yourself unless you're alone
  • Stressed at the thought of leaving the house to run basic errands like grocery shopping
  • Intense emotions that fluctuate from one end to the other quickly - emotional rollercoasting
  • Consumed or controlled by your emotions
  • You know you're in there somewhere, but where?
  • Like you're living in a constant tug-of-war with yourself and life in general
  • A million non-stop thoughts racing in your mind (usually negative, worrisome thoughts)

In a nutshell, I help those who feel like this (sometimes within seconds apart):

To become like this:

Let's be clear: I don't get rid of your emotions. I help you remain a strong indestructible pillar even in the midst of your intense emotions. 

Believe it or not, there is a way to remain at peace (and even joyful) WHILE you're feeling depressed.

Ever feel like your emotions are carrying you away?

Wouldn't it be nice to just sit back, relax and simply observe your emotions without being swept away in them?

It's quite enjoyable (and often funny) when you finally get to the place where you can watch all the drama unfold and still remain at peace. Many of my students have related it to watching a crazy reality show on TV where all the actors are so intensely sucked into their own drama while you're sitting happily on the couch eating delicious ice cream, amused and entertained (maybe even shaking your head at the ridiculousness of it all). 


You have been gifted with deep emotions for a reason. It's not a curse, it's a call to action toward something even deeper, more fulfilling than anything this external world can offer.

I combine science with spirituality and load you up with practical, actionable exercises that you can do in the safety & comfort of your own home while alone and also out in the real world when people are annoying the heck out of you. :) 

My classes help you find your "home base" inside you, so you can always ground yourself in your core when you're out mixing about with life and feeling drained, anxious, stressed or overwhelmed. I teach the fundamental principles of always coming back to yourself so you will never again feel weak, flawed or carried away by emotions. 

Whether you are Highly Sensitive, an Empath, Intuitive or simply a deep feeler, you are welcome here. 

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